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Sam Newman (2016), Building Microservices, O′Reilly.


For each service

  • Track inbound response time at a bare minimum. Then track error rates and build your way up to application-level metrics.
  • Track the health of all downsteam responses, including the response time fo downstream calls. Track error rates return by these services.
  • Standardize how and where metrics are collected.
  • Log into a standard location, in a standard format.
  • Monitor the underlying operating system so you can track down processes and do capacity planning.

For the system

  • Aggregate host-level metrics (e.g CPU) together with application-level metrics.
  • Ensure your metric storage tool allows for aggregation at a system or service level, and drill down to individual hosts.
  • Have a single, queryable tool for aggregating and storing logs.
  • Strongly consider standardizing on the use of corrlation IDs.
  • Understand what requires a call to action, and structure alerting and dashboard accordingly.
  • Investigate the possibility of unifying how you aggregate all your various metrics